Mercedes-Benz Actros 5 L-Cab 1848 LS 4x2 - full výbava nové vozidlo

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Mercedes-Benz Actros 5 L-Cab 1848 LS 4x2 - full výbava nové vozidlo
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ID vozidla: 43142
Prvá registrácia: 
Počet najazdených km: 
0 km
350 kW
VIN (číslo podvozka): 
Číslo motora : 
81 000 € (bez DPH)
(s STK, EČV a ročnou zárukou)
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The new Actros. The future of long-distance transport.


Vážené dámy a pánové fsf,


We're really excited to see you share an interest in the new Actros 1848 LS 4x2 . Today you are receiving your personal offer, optimally tailored to suit your usage.


With the new Actros, we have redefined the future of long-distance transport and developed a vehicle that meets ever-increasing requirements for long-distance and heavy-duty distribution transport, and does so better than ever before.


  • With increased efficiency.
  • With unrivalled comfort.
  • With outstanding reliability.


Unique, future-oriented connectivity such as the innovative MirrorCam and the seamless interaction of intelligent assistance systems to increase driving safety, including the new Active Drive Assist, are further attributes that make the new Actros stand out and create the basis for supplying you an excellently configured, highly efficient vehicle, ideal for practically every use in long-distance and heavy-duty distribution transport.


All the details of the truck that is tailored to suit your usage can be found in this offer. Please also bear in mind our comprehensive range of services which is fine-tuned to your needs and offers flexible repairs and maintenance using Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts, as well a individual telematics solutions from FleetBoard or attractive conditions as part of our modular service contracts.


We will be happy to answer all of your questions on the new Actros, Mercedes-Benz services and this specific offer.


The new Actros.
Get in and experience the future of long-distance haulage.



Kind regards



Petr Hobík





Actros 5 L-Cab 1848 LS 4x2


  This image might differ from your individual vehicle configuration and is therefore non-committal. Subject to alteration!




Baumuster:               96340312

Vehicle type:            1848 LS

Driver cabin:            L-cab GigaSpace, 2.50 m, level floor

Drivetrain:                4x2

Gross vehicle weight:  18000 kg

Model:                     Mercedes-Benz Actros 5 L-Cab

Engine output:          350 kw

Wheelbase:              3700 mm







Equipment List






MB 9147

arctic white



Full paint finish:

MB 9147

arctic white




Vehicle equipment



duplicate codegroup level 1

P   DUP0                                                                                                        Base Duplicate Code 0          


Chassis version

S   V1A  Actros                                                                                                                                

S   V1W Standard                                                                                                                             

S   V2B  Actros model generation 5                                                                                                 

S   C1W  Wheelbase 3700 mm                                                                                                         


Axle load distribution

W W0L  Weight variant 18.0 t (8.0/13.0)                                                                                         



S   M3C  Eng. OM471,inline 6, 12.8 l, 350kW (476hp),2300 Nm                                                    

S   M5B  2. Engine generation OM471                                                                                             

S   Z5E   OM 471                                                                                                                             

S   M5C  Engine version Euro VI, D                                                                                                 

S   M8B  Air intake behind cab, mounted                                                                                         

S   M7K  Radiator shutter                                                                                                                  

S   M7T  Water pump, governed                                                                                                       

W M5V  High Performance Engine Brake                                                                                        

S   M6M Air compressor, 2-stage, for optimised consumption                                                         

S   M0E  Torque increase in 12th gear                                                                                              


Clutch & transmission

S   G5A  Single-disc clutch                                                                                                               

S   G2E   Transmission G 281-12/14.93-1.0                                                                                     

S   G5G  Mercedes PowerShift 3                                                                                                      

S   G0K  Drive program, economy/power                                                                                        


Axles & suspension

S   A1Z   Front axle, offset version                                                                                                   

W A1D  Front axle 8.0 t                                                                                                                   

S   A2E   Rear axle, crown wheel 440, hypoid, 13.0 t                                                                       

S            Differential lock, rear axle                                                                                                 

S   A2X  Rear axle with active lubrication, controlled                                                                      

S   A5G  Axle ratio i = 2.412                                                                                                            

A  Q1T   Front spring, 8.0 t, 2-leaf                                                                                                   

A  Q9W Deletion front spring bracket, aluminium                                                                           

S   C6Q  Stabiliser, front axle                                                                                                           

W J3Z    Axle load measuring device                                                                                               


Wheels & tyres

S   R1Q  15-degree tapered rims, 9.00 x 22.5                                                                                   

W R8F   Spare wheel carrier, provisional                                                                                         

A  R8P   Spare wheel/spare wheel rim                                                                                              

P   R0Z   Wheel-nut cap                                                                                                                    

A  S1Y   Tyre pressure monitor                                                                                                        

     1.A.   F38L16 81   2x   315/70 R 22,5   Highway   Michelin   X MULTI ENERGY Z                 

     2.A.   F38L76 81   4x   315/70 R 22,5   Traction (M+S)   Michelin   X MULTI ENERGY D       

              F38L76 81   1x   315/70 R 22,5   Traction (M+S)   Michelin   X MULTI ENERGY D       


Frame and components attached to frame

S            Hole matrix on frame, continuous                                                                                     

S   C5B   Step plate above frame, partial cover                                                                                 

A  C0G  Frame overhang 1050 mm                                                                                                 

S   C6C   Steering, single-circuit                                                                                                        

S   C6P   Power steering pump, electronically controlled                                                                  

W C7I    Battery carrier cover, lockable                                                                                           

A  C7T   Integral rear end                                                                                                                 

S   K0T   Main tank, left                                                                                                                   

A  K0W Second tank, right                                                                                                              

W K1R  Tank,720l+75l AdBlue,left,650x700x2170 alu.,step                                                         

W K6H  Second tank, 290 l, right, 650 x 700 x 750 mm,alu.                                                          

P   K5M  Tanks, lockable                                                                                                                  

S   Z4O   Tank cross-section, narrow                                                                                                

S   Z4R   Tank cross-section, high                                                                                                    

S   K7D  Exhaust system, tailpipe to right and outwards                                                                   

S   U2G  Exhaust box                                                                                                                       

P   C8C   Rear wing, 2500 mm vehicle width                                                                                    

P   C8H  Wing, 3-piece, with EC splash guard                                                                                  

P   C8I    Splash guard (EC), front                                                                                                    

S   C7F   Front underride guard (ECE), aluminium                                                                           

P   C8W  Omission of underbody panelling, aerodynamic                                                                

S   F7A   Bumper, with plastic corners                                                                                              

S   F7C   Bumper centre section with towing eyes                                                                            

A  C8Z   Side skirts, aerodynamic                                                                                                    

S            End cross member, neutral position                                                                                   

P   Q4I    Fifth wheel coupling height = 150 mm                                                                               

P   Q4X  Fifth wheel coupling, manually lubricated                                                                         

P   Q6J   Fifth wheel coupling, compact, Jost JSK 40K                                                                    

S   Q6G  Semitrailer coupling without assembly plate                                                                      

S   Q6Z   Fifth-wheel coupling with hole pattern                                                                               

P   H2C  Fifth-wheel lead +600 mm                                                                                                 

S   Q0W Fifth-wheel coupling ex factory                                                                                         

S   Q0Y  Angle of inclination not as per DIN ISO 1726                                                                   


Brake system

S   B2A  Disc brakes on front and rear axle                                                                                     

S   B1B   Electronic braking system with ABS and ASR                                                                   

P   B1F   Heating, electronic air-processing unit                                                                               

S   B1H  Electr. compressed air supply and control, centre                                                              

P   B4A  Condensation monitoring, for compressed air sys.                                                             

S            Compressed air supply connection, front                                                                           

S   B4M  Air reservoir, steel                                                                                                              

S            Flashing brake lights during emergency braking                                                                 

S   B5J    Brake and electrical connections, low                                                                                

S            Parking brake, acoustic warning                                                                                         

S   B2X  Parking brake, electronic                                                                                                    

W B3H  Water-type secondary retarder                                                                                           


Cab exterior

A  F1J    L-cab GigaSpace, 2.50 m, level floor                                                                                 

S   F1R   L-cab                                                                                                                                 

A  F2A   Floor variant, flat floor                                                                                                      

A  F2H   Cab width 2.50 m                                                                                                              

A  F2P    Cab, 765 mm attachment height                                                                                         

S            Cab, reinforced                                                                                                                  

A  F2X   GigaSpace                                                                                                                          

S   F4H   Cab rear wall, without window                                                                                          

A  F3B   Cab mountings, comfort, steel-sprung                                                                                

S   F3W  Cab tilting mechanism, mechanical-hydraulic                                                                    

S   F6C   Windscreen, tinted                                                                                                             

P   F8V   Light sensor                                                                                                                       

A  D8N  Tilting sunroof, electric                                                                                                      

S   F4X   Stowage compartment exterior flap, left                                                                            

S   F4Y   Stowage compartment exterior flap, right                                                                           

A  F4Z   Stowage locker, left, under cab                                                                                          

S   C5D  Step, behind cab, left                                                                                                         

A  F7T   Door extension                                                                                                                  

S   F7X   Cab entrance, left/right, rigid                                                                                              

S            Kerb mirror                                                                                                                        

P   F6I    Front mirror, heated                                                                                                           

A  F6T   MirrorCam                                                                                                                         

A  F6V   MirrorCam bracket, chrome, lower cover, cab colour                                                        

A  F5L   Sun visor, exterior, transparent                                                                                          

S            Air deflectors, corner panels                                                                                              

W F5I    Cab side deflectors, without air deflectors                                                                         

S   F5Y   A-pillar trim                                                                                                                       

W F6Q   Air horn                                                                                                                             

S   F0F    Side module, N3 vehicle                                                                                                    

A  F8B   2 remote control keys                                                                                                        

S   F8E   Locking system, with central locking                                                                                 


Cab interior

A  D1C  Driver's suspension seat, comfort                                                                                      

S   D1N  Fold-up co-driver's seat                                                                                                      

S   D2N  Driver's seat backrest, release mechanism                                                                          

W D2W Armrests on both sides, co-driver's seat                                                                             

A  D3Q  Seat cover, velour, driver's seat                                                                                          

A  D3T   Seat cover, velour, co-driver's seat, centre seat                                                                  

S   D3B  Luxury bed, bottom                                                                                                           

W D3F   Luxury bed, top, narrow                                                                                                    

S            Multifunction steering wheel                                                                                              

W D5Y  Rubber mats, driver's and co-driver's side                                                                          

A  D5Z   Carpet, engine tunnel                                                                                                         

P   D4T   Curtain, along side of bed(s)                                                                                              

A  D4Y  Sunblind, side, driver's side                                                                                               

S            Power windows, all-round                                                                                                 

S            Display, trailer data, in instrument panel                                                                            

P   J1O   Dig. tachograph, 2nd gen., working speed control                                                             

P   J1S    Tachograph manufacturer VDO                                                                                         

S            On-Board Diagnosis                                                                                                           

S            Travel computer                                                                                                                 

W E6Z   Reversing buzzer                                                                                                               

W J6C    Multimedia Cockpit, interactive                                                                                         

S            Maintenance system                                                                                                           

A  J6Y   Remote Online                                                                                                                   

A  J6Z    Preinstallation Mercedes-Benz Truck App Portal                                                               

P   J2K   Speaker, 2-way system                                                                                                      

W J2U   Navigation system                                                                                                              

S            FleetBoard Eco Support                                                                                                     

P   E4B   Interface, fleet management system FMS                                                                           

S   J3U   Requirement: FleetBoard Manager app                                                                              

P   J3V   Truck Data Center 7                                                                                                           

P   J8Y   Pre-installation for Truck Data Center 7                                                                             

W J9D   Provision for fitting toll tracking                                                                                        

A  J9RA3O                                                                                                          Omission CB radio          

S   E3L   Socket, 24 V/15 A, co-driver footwell                                                                               

A  E2J    Automatic cutouts                                                                                                              

P   E5H   Switch for night-time driving light                                                                                      

S            Entrance lamps, in door panel                                                                                            

S            Ambient lighting                                                                                                                

P   D6M  Auxiliary hot water heater, cab                                                                                          

W D6I    Residual engine heat utilisation                                                                                          

W D7A  Heat insulation, additional                                                                                                 

W D6C  Auxiliary air conditioning, electric                                                                                     

A  D6G  Automatic climate control                                                                                                  

S            Bottle holder                                                                                                                      

S            Document stowage space, A4 size                                                                                     

A  D7G  Stowage compartment lid, driver and co-driver side                                                          

A  D7J   Drawers, under bed                                                                                                            

W D7K  Drawer, under dash support                                                                                               

P   D7R  Stowage flaps, above windscreen                                                                                      

W Y1X  Pull-out refrigerator, under bed                                                                                          

A  D0S   Compressed-air connection, in cab                                                                                    

P   D0U  Smoke detector, in cab                                                                                                       


Electrics / electronics

A  E1Z   AGM-Batteries, 2 x 12 V/220 Ah, maintenance-free                                                         

W E1U   Alternator, controlled 24-30 V/150 A                                                                                

S   E7F   Cable remote control for air suspension                                                                             

S   E6A   Trailer socket, 24 V, 15-pin                                                                                               

S   L1C   LED daytime running lamps                                                                                              

A  L1H   Foglamps, halogen                                                                                                             

W L3A   Floodlight, bottom                                                                                                              

S            Side marker lights                                                                                                              

S            LED end-outline marker lamp                                                                                            

P   L2H   Side marker lamps, flashing                                                                                               

P   L0A   Illumination regulation, in acc. with UN-R 48.06                                                               

S   S5A   Speed limiter, 90 km/h (56 mph), ECE                                                                              

A  G0T   Predictive Powertrain Control                                                                                            

P   S1D   Stability Control Assist (ESP)                                                                                             

P   S1H   Lane Keeping Assist                                                                                                          

P   S1L   Attention Assist                                                                                                                  

A  S1O   Traffic Sign Assist                                                                                                             

P   S1P    Active Brake Assist                                                                                                            

S   S5Z   Cruise control                                                                                                                    


Additional scopes

W O7U  Climate Package                                                                                                                 

W O8I    Economy Package                                                                                                              

S   M0C  Bottom shell to prevent swirling-up of dust                                                                       

S   M0Z  Noise regulation acc. to UN-R 51.03, phase 1                                                                   

A  Y4A  Telescopic jack, 12 t/19 t                                                                                                   

P   Y4R  Inflation aid, for steep-shoulder rims                                                                                 

W Y4S   Spare bulbs, in box                                                                                                            

P   Y4Y  Tyre inflating hose                                                                                                             

W Y4Z   Compressed-air gun, with hose                                                                                          

W Y4H  Holder for wheel chock                                                                                                     

P   Y4I    1 wheel chock                                                                                                                    

W D0L   Smoker package                                                                                                                 

P   K5Y  Initial filling, additional 30 litres of fuel                                                                            

S   O7B  Powertrain Pack 2                                                                                                              

S   O7L   Chrome package, interior                                                                                                   

S   V0S   Vehicle class N3                                                                                                                

S   V8A  Chassis number FIN                                                                                                           

S   X3W Powertrain warranty as per T and Cs 3yrs/450,000km                                                       

S   X2E   Model plate, EU                                                                                                                 

P   X1S   Instrument/labels/documentation, Czech                                                                            

S   Z5X   Left-hand drive                                                                                                                  

S   Z5Y   Vehicle, for right-side traffic                                                                                             








Technical Specification                                           


     Fith wheel position: 600 mm                                                                                                     




Delivery:                            subject to arrangement


Payment conditions:           subject to arrangement


Price quotation as per actually valid price list. If not stated otherwise the prices are indicated without taxes. Codes marked with "*" are not discountable.


This quotation is non-binding. A bill of sale will materialize only when you have submitted a written purchase order and we have confirmed to accept your order in writing.


Indications of dimensions and weight are referred to serial configuration. The vehicle description is provisional, definite commitment is effected by the bill of sale.


Please, observe that indications of chassis height are subject to +/- 20 mm tolerance for pneumatic axles, and +/- 30 mm for steel-spring axles respectively, referred to the indicated specified size.





Technical Data

Dimensions and weights





Body length





Maximum overhang

0 mm




Min. distance from the rear axle



3700 mm


Max. distance from the rear axle












1. Axle (empty)

5758 kg




2. Axle (empty)

- kg


Short text

Transmission G 281-12/14.93-1.0

3. Axle (empty)

2563 kg




4. Axle (empty)

- kg




kerb weight (inkl. SA)

8321 kg


Frame height – FA – loaded

904 mm


9679 kg


Frame height – FA – unloaded

993 mm

Gross vehicle weight

18000 kg


Frame height – RA – loaded

947 mm

Gross combination weight

44000 kg


Frame height – RA – unloaded

982 mm











Displacement cm3





Engine output kW / PS

350 / 476




Power/engine torque 1122 /min
















1st Axle:

2x 315/70 R 22,5

2nd Axle:

4x 315/70 R 22,5

Spare wheel:

1x 315/70 R 22,5

 Fahrzeuggewichte mit Fahrer, Werkzeut, Front-/Heckunterfahrerschutz, Reserverad, 90% der Tankfüllung




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